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To Get to the Other Side

A journey through Europe and its anarchist movements


A flyer translated from Spanish

22 May 2007—Trial for the 25J Detainees in Barcelona

On 25 June, 2005, there was a protest in Barcelona in solidarity with the Italian anarchists being repressed that summer, during which 180 houses were searched and 25 people were arrested, as part of a wave of repression.  That day, the demonstration passed with a strong police pressure, beginning with the searching of all who approached the rally point, and ending with the demo surrounded by riot police, who charged indiscriminately at the protestors.  They arrested seven people and took them to La Verneda.  Two were minors and were released hours later.  Against the other five detainees they opened a deportation process and, contradictingly, a penal process, with the request for preventive detention.

After two days in the commissary, two received provisional liberty, though the authorities prohibited them from leaving Spain, confiscated their passports, and required them to sign in at court every week [all of the five were Latin American immigrants].

The remaining three were transported to jail.  One of them spent fourteen days in jail at Wad Ras, received a speedy trial, and was condemned to nine months in prison and two and a half years of conditional liberty.  For sentences of less than two years imprisonment, those without prior convictions receive a suspended sentence.  The others were sent to Modelo, where they spent between twenty and thirty days, were made to pay a bail of 3,000 euros each, and were released on provisional liberty.

On 22 May, 2007, they begin trial in Barcelona.  The prosecutor is requesting three years and nine months in prison for the alleged crimes of transgressions against authority and public disorder.  Additionally, he is requesting that three of them receive a fine of 4,800 euros for damages, or the equivalent in prison of ten additional months, and for civil damages the payment of 2,200 euros to Telefonica and the government of Barcelona, among others.  [After police attacked the protest, some property was destroyed, and those arrested were blamed for it].

The repression is not only directed against these individuals, but against society in its entirety, to annul feelings of mutual aid.  In solidarity we continue to fight against the repression.

…Until all are free.  Absolution for the detainees of 25 June 2005.